Local Needs, Local Development

By Kwesi Acquah, Esoko Communications Officer

team esoko

Esoko, 2011, Accra.

The mere mention of technology brings to mind names like Berlin, Singapore, Basel, Bangalore and the famous Silicon Valley, to name but a few. Most of the world’s best technologies were conceived and brought forth in one of these hubs, and quite obviously the consumption of these technologies has also not been limited to only these areas or the countries in which they were developed.

Developing countries like Ghana have benefited immensely from technology transfer from these tech hubs. We use technology to help organize our lives, have fun, be inspired, communicate, and it has become a definitive part of life in our cities.  In rural communities, mobile rates are rising so quickly that no one can keep track. Without even needing statistics, the fact that most of our grandmothers have called us on a mobile phone tells the story of change.

But there is nothing better than identifying local problems, using modern means to carve out a solution and using local resources to develop technologies to solve that problem. To me that is just the story of Esoko, and we’re living it every day.

Esoko identified the needs in the agricultural industry in Ghana and is growing based on those observations and feedback from the market. What we’re finding is that projects and businesses all over Africa – and even beyond Africa in Asia and South America – need the same tools we’re building here.  If our team of 65 can outsource Ghanaian technology around the globe, we’ll know we’ve made it.

Like other technology based companies in Ghana and Africa, Esoko vividly demonstrates what the new generation in Africa is capable of – a great resource pool that can pull off anything.  We’re very proud to be at the center of it.

I asked a few colleagues what the one word they think of is when they think about what we’re doing at Esoko. Here’s what they came up with:

Transformation. Helping. Creation. Disrupt. Diversify. Proving. Leading. Exciting. Innovation. Solving. Ingenius. Information. Ideas. Experience. Challenging. Fun. Dynamism.

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